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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center this, is abc7 news. >> tyler thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 17th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglason. she's in this morning for lease arrange. >> hi, carolyn, good morning everyone. another cool day on tap. most temperatures in the 50s with san francisco at 54. clouds moving in over mt. tam as well. and it's going to be a cool day for the run wes low cloud ceilings over sfo. 32 minute flight arrival delays. this afternoon look for numbers similar to yesterday which means well below average in planned east bay. mainly in the 50s to near 60 with the sea breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour so i will make it feel cooler around the bay temperatures in the 60s.
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i'll let you know when we will get a better warm one with the seven-day forecast. carolyn. >> happening now if it's the third sunday in may, it must be bay to breakers. san francisco's iconic footrace is more than a century old. for the elite runners a pay clerk is at stake. for the serious, a personal best. for many simply a good time. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live at the finish line at lincoln way ask the great highway. good morning. >> yes. they have made it here. check it out. lots of folks gathered at the great highway cheering on runners near the finish line. it is a very frigid, very foggy morning here on the coast. but for those who have just run seven miles doesn't really matter. they are truly energized. bay to breakers left the starting line at bowl and howard. straight up 8:00 a.m. this morning.
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50,000 runners taking to the race route through the heart of san francisco. a true sea of rue manty. let's go live to sky 7hd tracking runners through the city near vanness and haze. of course, that haze hill, it is brutal for runners, as they cross up and over through the panhandle and then out to the great highway. sky 7 was overhead when the lead runners crossed the finish line. the winner of this year's bay to breakers race is isaac of kenya. his time 35 minutes:25. not bad. the lead female runner is jane kibby. we don't have a time on her y but back to the finish line here lots of runners now making their way to the finish line wishes is about 100 yards to
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where we are standing. police out in force this year, more than ever keeping everyone safe and keeping alcohol to a minimum. no alcohol is allowed on the course and if you are found with alcohol, it will be taken away from you. lots of trash picker uppers will be on hand as well after the racecourse to make sure this course is clean when it is all done. it's a lot of fun, but the police are out here to make sure that everyone is safe. live on the great highway cornell brrnard, abc7 news. >> i'm looking at my notes, and i believe since 1991 just about every male winner has been from kenya. >> that's right. and i don't know where jane kibby is from, but it was neck and neck right up to the very end. three or four runners running together. but just an incredible sight and what an incredible time for the winner.
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>> and everybody else out there just having a lot of fun. thanks cornell. and we want to see your photos and video from this morning's bay to breakers. share it with us using the #abc7 now. we will show it on error at abc7 we are getting more details this morning about that bank robbery suspect who led police on a chase from antioch to oakland. antioch police released this picture of 51-year-old shawn mcgee of oakland. mcgee was booked on robbery charges and unlawful imprisonment for holding a person hostage. police say he robbed a wells fargo bran inch antioch yesterday. he abandoned his car last night. he went into an argument and took someone hostage. mcgee was taken into custody shortly after 11:00. no one was hurt. california representative
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lorette saw . >> it happened at the state convention. loretta sanchez was telling how she recently received an invitation from someone within the native american community. >> i'm going to his office thinking i'm going to be with -- noises -- right? he said indian american. >> he said several people in the room found the gesture insensitive to native americans. >> i was shocked and appalled she would make disspanking comments about native americans that way. very undemocratic. >> a a short time later her opponent was told about the gesture. >> you know, i don't know what to say to that except that --
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that's shacking. >> >> you made a gesture that -- that gesture is offensive. do you feel like you can take that back? >> earlier in the day sanchez claims she was the victim of pressure tactics from democrats who didn't want her to run. >> i will say there were plenty of phone calls asking me not to. there were plenty of phone calls trying to sweeten the pot. and there was plenty of sort of threatening things. but as i told everybody, i was not going to be pushed in, nor was he going to be pushed out. >> sanchez just entered the race to fill barbara boxer's upcoming open senate seat last thursday. campbell police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a girl. this is surveillance video of the suspect's car near mayson
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court and harriet avenue yesterday. police say girls was walking her dog when the guy pulled up asking for directions. the girl told place he got out of the car and grabbed her in a bear hug. she fought back and the man drove away. a scary situation for some shoppers in concord. police are investigating a shooting at a sun valley mall parking lot. they found several cars riddled with bullet holes yesterday. investigators found shell casings during the mall of the j.c. penney store. they are reviewing surveillance video and are looking for a tan colored four-door sedan. no one was injured. >> now to the severe case of animal abuse we first reported friday on abc7 news. animal care said the reward to find the abuser increased from $5,000 to $10,000. maxamillion was found tied up thursday morning in san francisco at division and
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south vanness avenue with burns and damage to his internal organs. if you want to help with maxamillion's care we have donation information on our website abc7 a man is now asking for -- -- palo alto police are reviewing radar signals to try to find a flight instructor accused of stealing a plane. authorities say he swiped the plane from advantage aviation, a flight school where he worked. the plane left the airport early friday morning. the faa last tracked it over the pacific ocean off watsonville going south toward the mexican border. why he took it remains a mystery. >> we have no idea exactly what happened and what his motive might have been. at one point he had access to the plane. on this particular occasion he did not. he was unauthorized to take the plane. the coast guard air force, and mexican authorities are all on the lookout for him and for the
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plane. a south bay man is asking for people looking for thieves he said took his construction trailer. he said he was working on a remodeling job when someone stole his trailer right out of the driveway. it happened in san jose. surveillance video taken at a nearby car dealership shows the suspects driving off with it. inside that trailer $65,000 worth of equipment. >> it's a complete and devastating loss for us. it's my livelihood. it's how i make may money and support my family. i'm the sole provider for my family. we are unable to do work without the tools. >> bravo has set up a go fund me page and so far it's raised more than $2,000. well, frances, i guess if you are running you won't be so chilly out there today. >> illinois because it is cool out there. temperatures in the 50s especially with the sea breeze for the returners in bay to breakers. i'll have your cool temperatures
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coming up and when we will finally get a change in the temperatures for the week. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, why scientists are concerned a volcano on the big island. hawaii is about to have a new eruption. and once again, we want you to take a live look from the sky 7hd over the bay to breakers. that is that torture us haze street hill as some 50,000 runners make their way. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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>> welcome back, everyone. 9:14 on this sunday morning, the bay to breakers sunday. this is a live look at the finish line at lincoln way and the great highway. the elite runners have already crossed. the winner on the men's side isaac mukandi muangi at 35:25. he is from kenya. the women's counterpart also from kenya, jane kibby. she crossed in 40:04. most of the folks will take some time to make it there. >> unicef is warning that the lives of almost 18,000 babies and mothers in nepal could be at risk over the next month and that's because most of the
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healthcare facilities in the areas hit by those two powerful earthquakes were badly damaged. unicef has now launched an appeal fsr $50 million for the next three months to address the healthcare shortages there. and there are several fundraisers for nepal being held today across the bay area. one in berkeley on chat being avenue. all proceeds from the fair at live oak park will go toward earthquake relief and recovery. another in ownic park this afternoon. a benefit concert will be held at the sonoma mountain event center and the money raised there, along with that from a silent art auction, will go to the nepal earthquake relief fund. hundreds of catholics are standing behind a controversial san francisco religious leader. they held a rally and a picnic at sue beerman park yesterday for the archbishop.
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a recent newspaper ad called for his removal after he proposed changes to school hand bucks and teacher contracts in catholic schools. within man and his friends got up at 2:00 yesterday morning to drive in from southern california to support the archbishop. >> families under attack. you know, children in the womb are under attack. so we have to show support in every way we can. >> a group of gay rights act cysts opposed to the archbishop held a peaceful protest nearby. our request for an interview was declined >> a group of parents rallied in berkeley yesterday who believe vac nations are not save and say they should have a right to refuse to vaccinate their kids. supporters call it a matter of public safety. that bill now heads to the state
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assembly. >> the storm that's clobbered the midwest is moving east at this hour with 30 million americans in the crosshairs. 25 tornadoes have been reported in the central plains so far this weekend, sending residents running are to cover. abc's rob reports. >> overnight for the 25 reported tornadoes pummeling the plains. texas, oklahoma kansas nebraska, wyoming to minnesota. the of. >> this is the cell we've been tracking. a magnificent super cell. >> that super cell would drop a large tornado. a cone of powerful winds destroying this home near elmer. >> got the wife and her belongings and went in the shower. you could hear the hail hitting the floor outside our bathroom door. >> and passing through a cow pasture in another part. this is the hail hitting the
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roof. >> we followed it. you can hear the tornado sirens going off. a rain-wrapped tornado heading northeast. >> and mr. storms would fire further south. this tornado hitting geronimo. this one carrying through tipton. and heavy rain causing flash flooding in wichita. >> this community outside of tulsa getting hit hard by a tornado and this utility one of many through the plains trying to get neighborhoods who have been hit back on their feet. abc news, broken arrow oklahoma. >> a pool of lava on the kilauea volcano is sinking rapidly and they fear a volcano is imminent.
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there was a recent explosion that had fallen nearly 500 feet. lava has to go somewhere and the drop, combined with the rash of earthquakes, as many as 25 per hour, could mean a new lava eruption through the surface of the mountain. meters are also showing the ground is shifting on the mountain slope. >> this morning's qualification event for the indy 500 has been delayed again after a driver hit a wall and flipped over. yesterday the qualifying run was suspended because of heavy rains. 34 cars are trying to make the 33-car field and they will all be trying to qualify today. the forecast calls for a 50% chance of rain. indianapolis 500 will be held next saturday. you can see it right here on abc7. frances, said earlier you thought there might be a dry patch in there where they can get the qualifying race in? >> yeah, because it looked like their best chances of rain were early in the morning and in the evening. if they have that stretch during the day they could get it done but then you just mentioned the new problem that pop up so we will see how it works out. >> a lot of gray skies over the
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ba area with live doppler 7hd showing us extensive cloud cover right now. more clouds have spilled in from the ocean. in fact, our camera tower tops have been socked in right any. i can't even though you some of the live shots. let me take you to the midwest where you saw the severe weather. it is moving through texas right now. major delays at the houston airport if you are transferring there. hour and a half delays. and the threat of thunderstorms does move toward indianapolis today, as well. here we see cloud cover over the golden gate bridge and it's on the cool side. temperatures still in the mid-50s in many locations. san francisco only 54. you heard cornell at the end of the bay to breakers race. still feeling pretty frigid out there. oakland 56, san carlos 55.
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and some upper 50s through fair field concord and liver more. we are starting to climb up. here's a look downtown san jose. we see cloudy conditions. it will be mostly cloudy. this is for the day. and actually through most of the week. so it's going to stay cooler than normal and really our warmup comes next weekend. and even then not a big warmup. so i'll show you why. with the pacific satellite image we have two areas of low pressure. this is helping to drive the cool and breezy pattern to continue, which brings us our temperatures. that means our temperatures will be below average throughout the week into friday. then high pressure will eventually build over the pacific and we will get more sunshine and warmer weather. the forecast animation model shows a lot of cloud cover, and even by the afternoon we are hoping for some more sunshine but we will only get peeks of sunshine around the bay area and
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still a lot of cloudiness at the coast. look for highs to be similar to yesterday's numbers, which means 67 in san jose. in milpitas 65 and sunny in sunnyvale at 66 degrees. the lower peninsula mid-60s. along the coast only the mid-50s. downtown san francisco also cloudy. notice the clouds moving in right past the golden gate bridge. in sonoma and napa look for mid-60s even low 60s in the east bay. hercules 61. we will have a of it time getting into the 70s. antioch and brentwood and fair field the warmest spots. 66 san ramon and in pleasanton. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. more of the same all the way into friday with slight fluctuations, and then near normal saturday with more sunshine. finally! you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. free on apple's app store or
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google play. also more information at abc7 >> last week we had the blustery winds. are they missing this week? that would help. >> we are still going to see breezy conditions. hopefully not as blustery. yeah, we had crazy weather last week. it was all over the board depending on where you were in the bay area. >> thank you, frances. coming up next, lacking for love for mom. the lengths one man is going to to find mr. right for his mother flush and don't miss the billboard music awards tonight at 8:00 right here on abc7.
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>> deep inside we all want the same things, to love and to be loved. and with those words i would like to introduce you to my mother. >> hello! >> alex made this video for his single mother, eva, hoping to find her a good man. he made the video without her knowing for the last year capturing what he thought were her pest moments. so far the video has had more than 2 million views on youtube. we have posted the entire thing on our website abc7 and maybe alex can find his mom a match. >> coming up tonight at 11:00
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we will take you to the party's happening when the sunrises. >> it really delivers everything that you could ever want first thing in the morning. >> yeah, it's the new social scene that's drawing people before they go to work. tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. the new clues investigators are looking into concerning that deadly amtrak crash. what may have happened right before the train sped up. >> and here is another live look near the finish line of the bay to breakers. the race began back in 1912 as a way to shake san francisco out of the doldrums following the '06 quake. we will have a live report coming up
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meet frances dinglason in for lisa. >> good morning, everyone. chilly and cool. that's the word for the day. if you are headed to the bay to breakers maybe to join at the end of the celebration temperatures are going to still stay in the 50s. and with that sea breeze from the west especially picking up in the afternoon to 15, 20 miles per hour, it will feel cooler than this. we will just get some breaks of sunshine by this afternoon. so everyone around the bay area will be below average. i'll have your exact numbers coming up. and when we have a better warmup in store. carolyn. >> frances, thank you. the only-in san francisco footrace is underway. the bay to breakers is a century -old race finding competitive runsers with some turkeys bringing up the rear. we are joined live from the finish line at the great highway.
9:31 am
cornell, how is the whackado factor? >> it's pretty good. we've seen a few turkeys cross the finish line already carolyn. take a look. lots of runners, thousands, in fact, headed toward the finish line on great highway. lots of folks cheering them on. a lots of impressive costumes this morning. there goes a dina soar, i've seen wonder woman a couple of burger kings and a lot of turkeys. a foggy morning, frigid morning here on the great highway. but after you have just won 7 miles it doesn't really matter. you are pretty much energized. bay to break he is left the starting line at biel and howard at 8:00 a.m. this morning. 50,000 runners taking to the racecourse through the heart of san francisco. a rue sea of humanity. up and over the brutal haze hill through the panhandle, out the great highway to the finish line.
9:32 am
runners say the bay to breakers experience truly one-of-a-kind. >> it is really, really fun. right at the start of the race i was running with a couple guys and they pulled away from me. about a mile and a half lefty got to roll back up on them and we had a good deal going into the last mile. >> sky 7hd was overhead when the lead runners crossed the finish line. the winner isaac mukandi muangi of kenya. his time 35:15. jane kibby of kenya was the women's finisher. her time 40:04. the winners they take home a medal, but they also get $3,000 each. a lot of fun here at great highway. a lot of runners just finishing the very famous the very quirky bay to breakers. cornell barnard abc7 news. >> love it. thanks cornell.
9:33 am
california senator dianne feinstein said she fully supports the daring raids that took out a leading isis leader in syria. abu sayyaf was killed. he was the it money man in charge of the terrorist group's oil and gas operations. as many of you just saw on "this week" feinstein believes the u.s. should use those types of raids more frequently. >> it is the kind of one-two punch that we should do more of. i believe that if we aren't going to put troops on the ground, then we've got to use our special operations forces to go in and collect intelligence, also be able to capture people that might be able to be helpful. >> senators in favor of the trade agreement they should pass next week. this morning family and
9:34 am
friends will gather together to mourn a victim of the philadelphia train derailment a prayer service will be held in free font at 1:30 for the 5 a-year-old wells fargo executive. a burial service will follow in hayward. he moved from walnut creek seven years ago but still owned a home in. meanwhile fbi forensic experts are analyzing whether a flying object might have hit the amtrak train. new audio tapes are emerging with clues as to what may have happened. this, as amtrak has been ordered to take steps ensuring a tragedy like this never happens again. abc news reporter phillip menna has the latest. >> this morning the ntsb collecting evidence from the derailed amtrak train attempt to go answer the question could this damage to the windshield have somehow played a role in the crash?
9:35 am
>> new audio recordings from transit police radios in philadelphia discussing possible shots fire that was to the train 749. >> the object made connection with the train shattering the windshield. >> they are attempt together remove the shattered windshield to determine the damage. trying to determine if it was caused by a projectile that may have hit the train a few miles within the philly train station. >> use caution, a train was shot at. >> the septa train, a local commuter and this south bound amtrak were reportedly also struck by unknown objects. minute before amtrak 188 accelerated out of control. overnight memorials for two of the vic times from tuesday's deadly amtrak derailment.
9:36 am
>> he made everyone feel so special and close to her. >> families mourning the death of racial jacobs and laura killed when amtrak 188 went off the rails. abc news philadelphia. >> still ahead on the sunday morning news the return of battle bots. how you can be there as the hit tv show returns. and here is a live look once again from the bay to breakers. this is the finish line at the great highway. this used to be called the cross city race. we now know it as bay to breakers. that zany, fun irreverent race. cool weather for the runners today. frances dinglason along shortly with the full accuweather forecast.
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>> welcome back, everyone. 9:39 on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us for the abc7 sunday morning news. if you are attending the bay to breakers as a runner or a spectator and you have some video or you have to pictures why don't you let us know about it. send them to us at #abc7now and we may post them or show them on our news. we want to see all of the cute, original and funny costumes that you've got out there. there's always something that really is very creative. google wants to make it
9:40 am
easier for you to spend your money. according to a wall street journal report, google wants to add a "buy" button in your search result. it would appear alongside search results and the "shop on google" section. it's expected to happen in the next few weeks. frances is here now talking about just a cool week ahead. >> yeah, cool, cloudy. that's going to be the weather pattern for the next few days. right now in santa cruz it's 55 degrees. i'll let you know when we can expect some better beach whether with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> well, here's something staying hot. the giants offense are red hot with a second straight game of double-digit runs. cool refresh has the highlights coming up in sports.
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it's a robot death match with flame-throwers and spinning blades and it's coming to the bay area. if you remember the old hit tv series "battlebots" and it's back and it's coming here this summer. you can see it in person when they tape in front of a live audience this week. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom went to vallejo where the arena is almost finished. >> you want to be careful. if it starts to break, get out of the way. >> this blast from the past is called gibsu, as in gibsu knight. wheels made of saw blades. it's one of the weaponizeed
9:44 am
robots from an old tv show called "battlebots." duking it out in the late '90s. >> everyone laughed and thought it was funny, and kind of kicked us out the door and that was the end of it. >> but turned out it was funny enough to get picked up by "comedy central" for five seasons. even jay leno had a robot. this one was one of the more famous one, even though it never won a match. this is one of the most famous robots, but since the show was run off 12 years ago, a lot has changed. >> metals have gotten stronger motors have gotten faster and more beefy. >> it makes it a perfect time to bring it back to the airwaves on abc. >> we've added a rule and it's the biggest rule of all, you have to have an active battle system. or active weapon system. >> with robots shooting flames and projectiles, this arena had to get stronger. >> it's pretty solid. you can drive a truck in here and i don't think it would go through it. >> he had an inch and a quarter bulletproof glass. >> this is like a pinball machine. it will flip out and throw the robot back into the arena f you
9:45 am
come here hopefully they will throw it over to here and this is where the titanium saw blades are. but watching robots tear each other apart is more than just good, clean fun. it's also a jumping off point for a field that may be more relevant now than ever before. >> the catalyst, the spark for the young person to get into engineering. >> that's why he wanted to create the show in the first place. >> a lot of kids today, if i want to change a tire, i have to call triple-a. i don't know how to change a tire. >> it was 12 years ago it was male dominateed, -- >> one of our teams will be a high school team of catholic school girls, and they will have to show they can live up and beat the boys. >> for the robots it's a fight to the bitter end. >> i don't know one robot that didn't get his career started here. >> even the losers are winners. turns out this guy may have a new career. >> thanks for helping. you did a lot of good work. >> in vallejo, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> you are invited to see the
9:46 am
show as it is taped at the mare island sports complex in vallejo. this week may 21st, 22nd and 23rd. nephew taping sessions planned. there's a link at abc7 where you can get the tickets. they are ten dollars. speaking of another set of numbers, 53 degrees when bay to breakers began. >> that's right. it was very cool and chilly for the race at the beginning. and it's actually still pretty chilly out there right now. especially for the runners finishing up their race. they will cool down pretty quickly. live doppler 7hd showing us the extensive cloud cover over the bay area right now. i also want to take you up to the tahoe area. thick fog is reported in truckee all morning. they may get some more rain showers and snow showers today and tomorrow. visibility a quarter mile. i'll tell you why in a bit. the golden gate bridge camera shows you the low clouds looming over the bay right now with
9:47 am
temperatures still hovering in the mid-50s. san francisco 54. san carlos 55 degrees. later on today it will be in the mid-to low 60s for the san carlos hometown. last day today. half moon bay currently 54. we are looking out towards the bay from the exploratorium camera, and you see more of the low clouds as well. it's currently 57 in santa rosa, and a lot of upper 50s, as well, through novato, fair field, concord and liver more. we are checking out the gray in san jose. here's what you can expect. mostly cloudy conditions today and actually through most of the week. we are staying cooler than normal through thursday. a warmup finally making its way toward us next weekend. here's why. we have a couple areas of low pressure. this is going to help drive the chances of rain and snow in tahoe. for us it means to cool and breezy pattern. that's going to continue and
9:48 am
that means numbers stay below average through the week. but then eventually high pressure over the pacific will build, bringing us some sunshine and some warmer numbers next weekend. the forecast animation shows the cloud cover sticking around throughout the day even by this afternoon. just peeks of sunshine around the bay area. the clouds still hug the coast throughout the day. highs today very similar numbers compared to yesterday. so we are going to be in the 60s in the east bay. oakland 62 degrees for the raise game today at 1:05. and in san jose, 57. 60 san francisco, cloudy here. santa cruz getting you have to 55 and we will have a tough time squeezing out 70 degrees in the warmest spots like antioch. a high of 49 in tahoe with the possible severe weather, as well. 77 in fresno and cool in los angeles at 68 degrees. so the week ahead, here's how it goes as far as the pattern.
9:49 am
below average through the week until saturday where we get a little bit closer to normal. and you will find that pattern is consistent with the seven-day forecast for inland communities, as well as around the bay and along the coast. we will be creeping up to 74 by saturday. and 68 around the bay. but still upper 50s along the coast. not much change. you might enjoy the cooler weather inland but at the coast, oh, my gosh, i can't wait until it gets a little warmer. >> that's a slow creep. >> yes. yes. unlike the runners. >> thanks, frances. let's check out sports this morning. giants are hoping to close out their weekend series in cincinnati with a win with a chance to take three out of four over the reds. the first pitch in just a few, 10:10 this morning. yesterday the giants welcomed back one of their big bats to the the lineup. here's collin resch. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning.
9:50 am
minus the 6th inning strikeout, hunter pence's season debut last night couldn't have gone better. the heart and soul of the giants returning from a broken forearm he suffered in spring training. do you think he's excited to be back? his presence ignited the giants' offense. second inning, brandon bell swinging the hot bat in recent weeks. first homer of the year friday night and his second last night. bell 3 for 5 hitting .306. and the next batter. to the gap in right center. pence goes 2 for 3 on his return. crawford will drive him in. ryan vogelsong, a kick save and a beauty. two on for marlon byrd in the third. vogy goes 5 2/3. two runs allowed. gets his second win of the year. giants leading 5-0 in the fifth. basings loaded. not nanny more. make it 9-0. crawford with his fourth career grand slam. he goes 3 for 5 and drives in a career high 6 runs. giants win big 11-2. a's and white sox on superheroes night. batman was there. the hulk was there.
9:51 am
good start for oakland. billy butler. country breakfast. a two-run shot. fourth of the season 2-0 a's. they didn't do much offensively after that. third inning, bill garcia and bases loaded. chavez. two runs score. game tied. the 13th straight game the raise have committed an error. and in the 7th the bunt. should have been the final out. eaton to third and the milkman drives it home, melky cabrera fired it out for a 3-2 lead. white sox go on to win 4- a's fall to a major league worse 3. 13-25. last year with california chrome winning the first two legs of the triple crown, this year it's american pharoah. a dominant performance in the 140th running of the preakness stakes. american pharaoh is all by himself. he is five legs in front as they come to the wire.
9:52 am
and american pharaoh and victor espinosa win! >> dominate. thunderstorm right before this race started. it was a muddy and sloppy track but it really didn't affect american pharaoh. he's now two-thirds of the way to the triple crown. a win at the belmont stakes june 6th and american pharaoh will become the first triple crown winner since affirm did it in 19778. >> after eliminating the grizzlies they are in the wait and see mode to see who will be their opponent in the finals. the clippers or the rockets? we will find out in a few hours. game 7 right here on abc7. a 12:30 tip time. what is the preference for golden state? the rival or james harden and his crew. they won three out of four against the clips. ask the players, they say they don't care. but they focus on continuing the momentum after three straight playoff wins. >> we learned if we play our brand of basketball, it's tough to beat us in four games.
9:53 am
we are excited to who we play next and we will study them. we aren't ready for the season to be over. we feel we will take it one game at a time and we can come out on top. >> either team presents different challenges but no preference. we can beat anybody. >> i like the confidence. game one in the conference finals starts tuesday night at oracle arena. with a look at morning sports i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> and don't forget abc7 is your home for the nba finals. we hope the warrors are in it. you can catch all the exciting action beginning june 4th. up next a celebrity fundraiser to fight lyme disease. the big names who will be performing at
9:54 am
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here the winning numbers from last night's $10 million power ball draw. >> no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $121 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $34 million super lotto plus. no one took all six in that draw either so wednesday's jackpot increases to $36 million. happening today a celebrity fundraiser in san mateo county to help in the fight against one
9:57 am
of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the u.s. it's lyme disease. lyme disease is caused by the bite from a tick. symptoms include pain and weakness in the arms and legs similar to arthritis. the bay area huey lewis and the performance at this year's news is donating their performance at this year's lymeaid. one of the band members has a daughter suffering from the disease. it begins at 4:00 at the petola valley estate of a couple who helped found the bay area lyme foundation. let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast with francis. >> the sea breeze will kick in later this afternoon. right now the winds 10 miles per hour at sfo. highs still below average. 67 san jose. grab a jacket and have it handy all week because we are on autopilot for the seven-day forecast until friday works it starts to warm up into next
9:58 am
weekend. >> just a little bit. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglason, in for lease arrange. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00. have a great day, and we want to leave you with the final shot of the bay to breakers. a salute to all the runners who made that 7.4-mile
9:59 am
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following is a special presentation of espn on abc. the indianapolis motor speedway at the quarter of 16th and georgetown qualification day, the day to decide who wins pole position for the indianapolis 500 race and which 33 drivers will compete in next sunday's greatest spectacle in racing. it's also a day where the conversation has changed from how fast will it take to win the pole to when will the run be. hello, i'm allen bestwick. thanks for joining us for our coverage today from the indianapolis motor speedway. after rain yesterday, the drama today was going to be just how fast would it take


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